757-200PCF Freighters

The 757-200PCF is CAM’s Narrow Body aircraft of choice.   It can carry up to fifteen (15) 88” x 125” pallets (6,600 cu ft)(187 cu m) on the main deck.

With its 240,000 lbs (108,860 kg) MTOW, its 11,276 gallon fuel capacity and its PW 2037 engines, the 757-200PCF can carry 68,000 lbs (30,844 kg) of payload over 2,700 nm.  If the operator doesn’t have the volume requiring a 767-200SF, the 757-200 with PW engines is the most cost efficient narrow sized freighter on the market today.

We can also offer weight upgrades to 250,000 MTOW and 196,000 MZFW if needed which give the operator an addition 10,000 lbs of usable fuel or 8,000 lbs of usable payload.




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